Dog of the Month: The Black Dog

February is the month to raise awareness of Black Dogs. Black Dog Syndrome is a thing in which black dogs in shelters get overlooked for lighter colored dogs. Here at Pawsmetics, we love all dogs and so rather than focus on a specific breed for our spotlight we decided to raise awareness of the Black Dog. On Martha’s Vineyard in New England, there is a brand dedicated just to the Black Dog. “Out of one sailing Captain’s love for the sea, his island home, and of course, his dog, The Black Dog brand was born.” We are not promoting the

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2018 is The Year of the Dog

Here at Pawsmetics, we love dogs, naturally right? We were pretty excited to learn that 2018 is the Year of the Dog! The DOG is the eleventh in the 12-year cycle of Chinese Zodiac Signs and one of the DOG year’s is 2018. How will you celebrate your dog this year? Why not commit to getting out and spending some extra special time with your canine companion.  Or better yet, invest in his total care like grooming and exercising. When you spend time “taking care” of your dog you build a deeper bond with him/her, and it makes for a

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Stay Safe During the Holidays with Your Pet

The holiday season is a time for fun, excitement, celebrations, family gatherings, and lots of activities. Some things that are good and not so good for our pets. Remembering that Fido the dog and Tigger the kitty aren’t accustomed to all of the festivities and planning for their success will ensure that you have a happy and safe holiday with your best four-legged friend. The best place for a dog or cat is home, a place of comfort and safety. Leave your pet at home if you plan to travel or spend lots of time at festive parties. Hire a

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Why Choose All Natural Pet Care Products?

For most people our pets are a part of the family and keeping them safe is highly important.  Choosing pet care products that are not only safe for our pets but safe for us too is increasing in popularity (and why not, right?).  Staying healthy inside and out helps your pet live a longer and more prosperous life. Pawsmetics prides themselves on being able to say that our pet care products are ALL NATURAL.  It means that our shampoos, conditioners, and sprays are made of natural products and contain no harmful chemicals.  Many shampoos in the market today claim to

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Dog of the Month: The Border Collie

From the herding group, the Border Collie is an active breed with tenacity for the work they were bred to do!  Often referred to as a workaholic, this dog loves to be active and have a job.  A black and white dog with flowing hair this canine always seems to be smiling which makes it very inviting to approach.  These dogs are found doing work on a farm or possibly in Frisbee or agility competition. Temperament The Border Collie is very willing and desires to please their owner making them easily trainable.  They do well with older children due to

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